A Mother's Monument

A Perfect Brightness of Hope - raising awareness about maternal mortality


A Mother’s Monument: Honoring mothers and those who protect them by raising awareness of the multiple causes of maternal mortality.

Our Mother’s Monument and Maternal Mortality Tribute

Since the Age of Enlightenment, philosophers have developed increasingly inclusive ideas about who and what is valuable to society. For over two decades, individuals, organizations and governments have been engaged in a monumental effort to eliminate maternal mortality and extend to each woman the equal protection of life and health. The vast majority of these efforts have been expended without the acknowledgment of the world, and are known only to the women they have saved and their God. It is now time for the limited visibility of these efforts to come into focus. This monument is now erected to honor the twice-consecrated sacrifice of those who give life and those who protect it. To the mothers and caretakers who have taken upon themselves valiantly, diligently and often without support or praise from the world, to raise up nations in the hope of a better life and peace they themselves have witnessed we pledge our continued support. May we honor their lives, sacrifice, and memory by rejoicing as they did in the prospect of life, hope, justice, and love for the one. May their example distill upon our souls and change our hearts, that we may make the world for which they yearned. __________________________________________________

A Mother's Monument: Raising awareness of maternal mortality

Maternal mortality remains one of the most devastating and preventable tragedies of our day — with nearly 90% of all deaths being preventable. This international Mother’s Monument will help bring into the public sphere a greater awareness of the level of loss in our communities, the resources necessary to address these problems, and a place for families and communities to express their concerns and gain access to the resources they need to improve their lives. A Mother’s Monument has several phases and purposes:

Phase One: The creation of a global maternal mortality profile for each country in the world. This is now about 50% complete.

Phase Two: Plan and build the first international Mother’s Monument Memorial about maternal mortality. Phase Two has been started and you can read more about the monument progress here. A traveling Memorial is also planned.

Phase Three: Community Activism. A Mother’s Monument will serve as a forum for communities around the world to share their lives, tragedies and triumphs through photos and videos. We have already begun collecting images from five communities in Africa.

Phase Four: Along with helping these communities tell their stories, we will also help them share their needs. People all around the globe have access to time, expertise, and money that could help. A Mother’s Monument will become a forum for connecting those who desire to help with vetted projects that the communities design to improve their lives. Each community will receive their own Memorial as a permanent public symbol of the importance of the value of women in their communities. Thank you for your interest in A Mother’s Monument. _________________________________________________

Data shared on this websites comes primarily from the UNFPA,  UNDP, CIA and WomanStats. All source material is cited and images found on other websites are properly attributed to their original owners. 

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  1. This is a wonderful idea, and I wholeheartedly support it! Let us know how we can help you make this monument a reality . . .

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