Thankfully considerable effort continues to be invested in improving birthing techniques and training. The work done around the world by midwives, doulas, nurses and doctors is extraordinary. They have all contributed to declining maternal mortality rates around the world. This is great news. And studies like these that help further improve their work are wonderful.

Now, the real story is not actually from the headline, but in the oxytocin injection. The way a placenta is removed is clearly important, but the risk of death from a mistake here is pretty rare. However the use of oxytocin is new to the more remote locations on the planet. By confirming that this technique alone, improves the odds of survival considerably this study provides added urgency to get the proper medicine and training to the women and men who participate in the baby delivery process.

Organizations like PATH have a mission to increase the number of “Safe Birth Kits” available in world and have recently started to add single use oxytocin syringes to their packages. Millions of births have now been assisted by their simply technology packages. Unfortunately there are many many millions more that would greatly benefit from these kits and training about how to use them.

They are also ranked as one of the best health non-profit organizations in the business. So if you wish to donate or volunteer this is an excellent program to work with.

Let’s hope that studies continue to find and confirm the best techniques available, the women who want to help in the delivery, especially in this remote areas, will get the training they need to be effective, and the organizations like PATH will be able to continue their good work.