A Perfect Brightness of Hope – Raising Awareness About Maternal Mortality

Our Story

The Mother’s Monument Project has a simple goal: to raise awareness and public discussion about maternal mortality.

While 90% of all maternal deaths are preventable, addressing these risk is quite complicated. Some of the problems surrounding maternal mortality stem from access issues. For example, access to clean water or stable power grids is problematic in many rural, developing regions of the world. In other areas, tighter regulations and more comprehensive training could help ensure that doctors and hospitals use the best practices known to protect women during and after pregnancy. Maternal health is not only affected by a lack of resources, but by sociocultural and political systems that fail to provide the critical infrastructure needed for women’s safety.

This is the principal reason we have focused our attention on a public memorial. While other organizations provide direct lifesaving care, we want to foment a broader, more public environment of support for their efforts.