The Monument Tribute

The following are the words that will be inscribed on the Mother’s Monument:

Since the Age of Enlightenment, philosophers have developed increasingly inclusive ideas about who and what is valuable to society. For over two decades, individuals, organizations and governments have been engaged in a massive effort to eliminate maternal mortality and extend to each woman the equal protection of life and health. The vast majority of these efforts have been expended without public or formal recognition from the world, and are known only to the women they have saved and their God.

It is now time for the limited visibility of these efforts to come into focus. This monument is now erected to honor the twice-consecrated sacrifice of those who give life and those who protect it. To the mothers and caretakers who have taken upon themselves valiantly, diligently and often without support or praise from the world, to raise up nations in the hope of a better life–and peace they themselves have witnessed–we pledge our continued support. May we honor their lives, sacrifice and memory by rejoicing as they did in the prospect of life, hope, justice and love for the One. May their example distill upon our souls and change our hearts, that we may make the world for which they yearned.

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