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Help raise awareness about maternal mortality.

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Purchase a Statue

A mother’s love knows no boundaries. By purchasing this piece of art, you help spread the word about maternal care and further our work here at Mothers Monument. This award-winning sculpture, “Motherhood–Greater Love” showcases the important role of mothers in the home, community and the world.

Modern Day Tragedy

Nearly 90% of all maternal deaths are preventable, making maternal mortality one of the most devastating—yet avoidable—tragedies of our day1.

Global Awareness

Over the last 25 years, the international community has made a massive effort to decrease maternal mortality, reducing deaths by nearly 50% globally2.


On the Rise

However, the gains are not even, and countries without a national action plan to address maternal mortality have stagnated in preventing it. In fact, maternal mortality in several countries—including the United States—is on the rise3.

Honoring mothers and those who protect them by
raising awareness of the multiple causes of maternal mortality.

Please join us in doing three things:


Explore the website. Learn about the monument and become more aware of the impact of maternal death in societies around the world. Learn about the ongoing efforts to improve these conditions.

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Then click here or on the donation link at the bottom of this page. We appreciate your generous donation. Even the smallest amount can help save lives.

Monument Overview

In this short video, we are going to share with you some of the monument’s basic designs and purpose. We are also going to share Angela’s story—an example of a mother who realizes she is giving her own life in giving birth. If you were a mother faced with this impossible situation, what would go through your mind? When you first comprehend that life is slipping away, what is the final thing you would want to embrace? If you could look back on the life you are leaving behind, what would capture your imagination and give you peace? What would you expect of those you have left behind?

Do we remember these women?







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