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This is a wonderful idea, and I wholeheartedly support it! What is a fitting memorial statue for women who have died in pregnancy? When I think of war memorials…the soldier is pictured as a hero–conquering even in death.

So our feeling, when we look at the statue, is primarily one of celebration of and admiration for the courageous sacrifice they made, which is then tinged by sorrow that they no longer walk among us on earth. But these women are not victims… stripped of their heroism…with no thought or bravery involved. No, this monument captures these women in their full, fully intelligent, fully brave heroism.

Valerie M. Hudson

Professor and George H.W. Bush Chair, The Bush School of Government and Public Service • Texas A&M University

When I first heard about Mothers Monument it struck me that nothing is more central to each family, community and country than the ability of mothers to have children and survive to care for them. A monument to the mothers who have not survived seems entirely fitting and appropriate. It seems an incredible combination of importance and lack of current visibility that demands commemoration.

Matthew P. Hall

CEO, Human Care Systems, Inc. | Boston | Frankfurt | London | New York | Paris | San Francisco | São Paulo | Singapore | Tokyo | Toronto

I have been professionally involved in sculpture for 20 years and have helped produce over 1000 monuments throughout the world. I’m known for merging the classical tradition of sculpture with technology and ingenuity. I believe arts greatest purpose is to inspire its viewers and society as a whole to be exceptional. A conceptually strong and confidently rendered sculpture with a universal message is the winning recipe. The subject matter of this proposal is as powerful and inclusive as I’ve seen. I’m not only looking forward to this project being completed but am honored to be part of the process.

Rob Arps

Creative Director, Axiom Custom/Z Axis Productions

My beloved sisters of the earth, my heart weeps for those of you who have fallen in the sacred work of bringing new life into our world. Because we have lost you, husbands suffer loneliness, children must find their way without your wisdom, communities have lost invaluable intelligence, creativity, and wisdom to help them solve their problems. Even countries are maimed and angry, and the world struggles to find your gentle unconditional love that could have help to weld us together in greater unity and peace.

I gratefully endorse this memorial, a long overdue recognition of the worth of mothers who died giving birth, and the void they left behind is a salute to the worth of all mothers and the magnitude of their unrecognized contributions to us all.

Bonnie Ballif-Spanvill, Ph D

Editor and Chief, Lauris Publications, LLC Professor Emeritus of Psychology, Brigham Young University Director of its Women’s Research Institute, 1994-2010 Fordham University Graduate Faculty, 1968-1994 Among many academic publications, coauthor of Sex and World Peace, PEACEABILITIES, and coeditor of A Chorus for Peace: A global Anthology of Poetry by Women

My son Cole was only a few days old when we were approached to be a part of this project.

After explaining the purpose of the memorial and hearing the statistics of maternal mortality, we were happy to be involved and help any way we could. While gazing at my son, as I was holding him while being scanned for the sculpture, I was immediately overcome with emotion and tears. I couldn’t imagine the pain of a mother knowing that she was seeing and holding her baby for the last time and knowing he would be without his mother. Thinking of dying and having to say goodbye to my son was powerfully overwhelming and I would not wish that upon anyone.            

We are honored to have our son be a part of this project.

Sam and Leslie Wasmann

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