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Because mothers are primary caretakers and often primary breadwinners, their deaths are not only a tragedy but a burden to their families, their communities and ultimately, their nations. Unsurprisingly, poor and vulnerable women are disproportionately affected by maternal health risks, which are interconnected with poverty, infrastructure, violence, gender equality, and other critical challenges present in both rural and urban areas. The safety and well-being of these and all mothers is imperative to the resilience and stability of communities, societies, and nations as a whole. While some countries have succeeded in reducing maternal mortality rates, others have stagnated in their efforts and some, including the United States, have even seen an increase in maternal deaths.

We at Mothers Monument wish to inspire communities to action in identifying and solving the problems that are most prevalent locally through our “No More Mothers Lost” initiative and by recognizing individuals and organizations that are taking positive action to reduce maternal death in their communities. Our ultimate goal is to decrease maternal mortality around the world by building monuments to memorialize mothers who have died, thus increasing public awareness and strengthening the collective resolve needed to unite communities in action for the benefit and protection of mothers. We will transform how societies address maternal mortality and thereby save lives, one community at a time.